Crypto Countries Now Offering Gamers the Chance to “Buy a Piece of the World”

February 05 15:33 2018

London, UK – In today’s internet-centric age, individuals and businesses are increasingly turning to alternate economies and the world of internet currencies. Using online currencies, specifically cryptocurrencies, provides different advantages when compared to some more traditional financial exchange methods. But looking at this unique process, what if it was made into say, an online game?

This question was what led to the launch of Crypto Countries. Crypto Countries is a popular game that has been gaining speed and reputation for its fun and intense economic environment. In this game, players collect cryptocollectibles and take over the world. Players buy and sell countries as Smart Contracts, and the map in the game runs on real-world time. Once a player buysa country in the game, it up to doubles in price, which in return is the profit sent back to the previous owner as soon as someone else buys that country.  The ownership of each players country is also represented in the games interactive world map that is ever evolving and updates in real-time with data from the blockchain. Crypto Countries places a heavy emphasis in their game on international buying, trading, and selling. Players can compare their stats and scores on an international level with other players from all over the world. This is done by linking conquests and countries owned to a player’s digital wallet. Furthermore, Crypto Countries Ethereum blockchain technology makes the platform accessible on a global scale.

Ethereum blockchain is a technology that is re-shaping the gaming world, and Crypto Countries incorporates this technology to give users an advanced, exciting gaming environment. Outside of the gaming industry, a blockchain is at the center of what gives a company involved in digital currencies its power. Blocks are records, and a blockchain is the list of all those blocks. The blockchain is constantly increasing and getting updated over time. All the blocks in a block chain are connected using cryptography.

For those who might be wondering about how Ethereum blockchain technology and Crypto Countries protect user data, the company assures that this process is highly secured. Blockchains by their nature are designed so that records that contain personal information are fairly resistant to modification and alteration. This blockchain technology also allows the process to be decentralized, which is what enables superior world-wide participation on platforms like Crypto Countries.

Gamers interested in state-of-the-art platforms who aspire to enhance their skills with cryptocurrency and cryptocollectibles can “take over the world” with Crypto Countries. This highly interactive game is quickly becoming a favored and competitive outlet for those who enjoy high stakes games and for anyone who loves empires and economics.

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