Inviting All Japan tourists, Foreigners in Japan and Japan Expats for Boating with Edo Magic Lanterns!

September 26 13:55 2017

Japanese Edo style boat ride event
Enjoy Boat Ride with Japanese Edo Magic Lantern Performances and traditional art of Photography and Poetry!!

A Super Cool Revival of an Edo Summer Feature! (English translation available.)

Event Schedule:

October 2 (Mon) 20:00 – 21:00 – A pleasure boat ride from Sakurabashi Bridge, Sumida River.

Pleasure boat ride from Saku-rabashi Bridge, Sumida River. Tokyo.

Booking is required. Boarding starts at Azumabashi Pier 30 min. before show time.

(If you are late, you cannot board the pleasure boat.)

October 3 (Tues) 19:00 – Kyu-Nakagawa Terrace

Booking is required. Please come to the venue 10 min. before show time to receive your ticket.

About the EVENT:

A seasonal feature spectacularly popular in the Edo period (1603-1867). A traditional entertainment performed on boats, Edo Magic Lantern is revived after 150 years. Magic Lantern is considered a predecessor of movies and anime. It is an Edo period science (visual technology) which started around 1802 as well as artistic entertainment.

The You-kiza’s evening riverboat Magic Lantern shows performed ghost stories for audiences on board, on the embankment, or on bridges, a cool way to spend the evening outdoors. We offer a special program held in a roofed pleasure boat by the Kyu-Nakagawa River terrace, where the ambience of pre-modern Edo can still be felt. The weaving of light and dark cre-ates the beautiful, mysterious, and frightening world of Edo Magic Lantern. Don’t miss this chance to see a rare delight.

Edo Magic Lantern Performances Another traditional art that Youkiza celebrates is magic lantern performance, which has a 200 year history. This art applies the media skills invented in Europe during the mid 17th century. Glass slides are inserted into a box-shaped projector and pictures are projected onto a screen. A number of mobile projectors are deployed together to create complex scenes.


  1. Prologue: The show cannot start without this! Youkiza’s Magic Lantern begins!
  2. Four Seasons of Japan: Enjoy how the Magic Lantern portrays the changing qualities of these seasons.
  3. Hanshu Dish Mansion: Revival performance of the terrifying ghost of Kiku from the “Ancient Magic Lantern Program”.


Senyu Ryokawa (Magosaburo Youki XII) and Youkiza members

Magic Lantern slides: painted by Akira Uno

Composition: Masataro Imafuji (Living National Treasure)

Musical coordination: Tatsuyuki Mochizuki

Nagauta — Masanosuke Imafuji. Michio Imafuji

Shamisen — Masajuro Imafuji, Matane Imafuji

Musical accompaniment — Tatsuyuki Mochizuki

Flute — Suiho Tosha

Admission/Entry: FREE

For Map:

Book in advance. 100 tickets available, first come first served.

Youkiza Tel. 042-322-9750 (weekdays 10:00-18:00)

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